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the Next Generation Solar Solutions…Solar Shingles
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All Solar Power is a locally-owned and operated company that has been providing bright ideas to the Tampa Bay area since 1977..

For over 30 years, All Solar Power lives, breathes and delivers to Tampa Bay clean energy, solar power solutions to save money and our planet.

With Florida having the third best physical and geographical conditions in the country for solar energy, it is our mission to provide superior quality with exceptional customer service to all who decide to convert to energy-saving, environmentally-friendly smart solutions for their homes and families.

OUR Poducts

  • We offer a comprehensive suite of residential and commercial solar solutions.
  • We’ve been in the solar industry for 41 years.
  • We use our own installation crews and maintain our installations.
  • Our lead installers average over 20 years experience with solar equipment.
  • Our experienced solar consultants will advise you on which solar solution fits best for your needs.

Solar Benefits

Save the Planet
Solar power systems can reduce your carbon footprint by 95%.
Cut Your Bill
Save up to $675 or more per year on your electric bill
Control Your Energy
tax incentives and rebates for solar power system installation.


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Whether you are a hotel or resort, retailer, warehouse, farm, business park, or winery, we have a solution for all your solar commercial needs...
Going green and swapping your old conventional energy grid for a solar panel is a responsible decision. We understand that as by now we've already helped thousands of...


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