Tampa Solar Maintenance/Repair



Keep Your Solar Solutions Always Running Smoothly with our Solar Maintenance/Repair Program

Tampa-based All Solar Power solar solutions such as solar water and pool heating systems are self-reliant and our solar PV panel systems are incredibly resilient and made from tempered glass and able to withstand snow, hail, and other rough conditions. They actually need virtually little maintenance or repair over the lifespan of 25-30 years, but just like any product, you need to maintain them to keep running smoothly.

Even if you did not purchase solar solutions through All Solar Power, we inspect, repair, and maintain solar water heaters, solar pool systems, and PV panels, which others have installed.

If you’re a DIY, we recommend twice a year inspection and cleaning of your PV panels to remove smog, dirt or debris, and hard weather conditions that will collect over time.

If your panels are on a Tampa one-story home and you feel confident you’re able to clean them yourself, always be conscious of your safety. Generally, PV panels can be cleaned using a garden hose during either early morning or late evening hours of the day. Make sure you do not use cold water on hot panels because it may cause damage.

Alternatively, there are automated cleaning tools which work much like sprinklers that can be programmed to clean as needed.

If you own a large home or don’t feel comfortable rinsing the PV panels yourself, its best to contact a specialist such as Tampa’s All Solar Power for a thorough cleaning.