Tampa Solar Environment

Tampa Solar Environment


Time to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

  • We’ve already mentioned how solar power systems come from pure and clean energy right from the sun and that PV panels help fight gas emissions and reduce fossil fuel.
  • Since fossil fuel emits harmful gas when burned, they’re one of the main culprits of air pollution, which causes global warming.
  • Solar power systems can reduce your carbon footprint by 95%, making your commitment to go solar part of the environmental solution.
  • Given the low greenhouse gas emissions from solar power, increasing its adoption is an essential strategy in efforts to combat climate change on an individual and national level.

Solar Energy Fun Facts:

  • Solar power has been around for over 2,700 years, when back in 700 B.C., glass lenses were used to make fire.
  • Greeks and Romans invented their own version of solar energy by constructing buildings with south-facing windows to let the sun heat and light interior spaces.
  • The first solar panels were sold in 1956.
  • Though the sun is 90 million miles from the earth, it takes less than 10 minutes for light to travel from that distance.
  • Solar Energy is measured in kilowatt-hour (1 kilowatt = 1000 watts).
  • 1 kilowatt-hour (kWh) can power a 100-watt light bulb for 10 hours.
  • The earth receives about 1,366 watts of direct solar radiation per square meter.
  • The earth gets 174 Petawatts (a quadrillion watts) of incoming solar radiation in the upper atmosphere. About 30% of that is reflected back to space and the rest is absorbed by oceans, clouds, and land masses.
  • Space missions by various countries use solar energy to power their spaceships, including NASA who’s been doing it since 1958.